Nov 8, 2019

Expanding the Around Alberta Series

Since 2014 the Around Alberta travel photography series has grown by leaps and bounds. From the Rockies to the prairies to the cities, this series has thrived on capturing iconic visuals from around my home province. Of course, a big part of the equation has also been about finding the right timing, a specific style, and highlighting ways to link a lot of unique locations together.

Alberta Travel Photographer2020 will hopefully be the biggest year yet for the Around Alberta series. With most of the older photo sets seeing updates and thousands of new additions in the pipeline, I'm hopeful that the new year will present more opportunities for collaboration and showcasing parts of Alberta that don't necessarily get the attention they deserve.

You'll already find lots of Alberta content to explore on Editing Luke, however if you're curious about the existing material, want to recommend a spot, or want to discuss an idea - by all means, you can reach me here. Expect some really exciting additions to the collection in 2020! 

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