Dec 23, 2013

Pacific Northwest: A Photo Series

I joked after my friend Mike and I got back from our road trip that I'd shot so many pictures that I'd be sharing them until Christmas - as it turned out, that was spot on. Since mid-August I have shared hundreds and hundreds of images from around the Pacific Northwest and reached thousands of people in the process. 

From the top of the Space Needle to the foggy coast of Cape Meares, from Kurt Cobain's hometown to an aircraft museum in a WW2 blimp hangar, from a restaurant inside an old power plant to a hike to the top of Multnomah Falls - the list of things I loved about this trip could go on and on.

It's been my pleasure to share this incredible experience with you all, and if you're curious about all of the various locations that I captured you can see the complete list of photo sets that I shot around Oregon and Washington here. Thank you for sharing the journey with me, and giving me an excuse to enjoy it all over again.

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