Oct 8, 2007

More Music Video Concepts

I've always enjoyed watching music videos as a way to study editing and unique concepts in general. More than other mainstream entertainment, music videos have such a wide range of creative freedom that it's not uncommon to see experimental and stylistic techniques executed in wonderfully original ways. Like i've mentioned before, it's not always about complicating things, sometimes simplicity seems much more clever. Here's a few examples of music videos that have inspired me in one way or another.

Okgo - A Million Ways
I love the dancing in this video, but it's the single take and static image that makes this video unique because it's still fun to watch despite any editing!

Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
The song has a great energy to begin with, but the 'grand design' concept is superbly executed in the precise movements of machinery and computers.

Living On Video - Pakito
The music may sound like typical trance, but the video is a visual overload of kaliedoscopic patterns and ridiculousness.

Oct 4, 2007

In-Camera Ontario Edits

These are the three original in-camera edits I made back in the summer of 2000 while on a family vacation.  We visited Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls, and I shot these videos entirely on the go, timing my shots them while listening to the songs I picked out on my discman.  Only the graphics and music were added in post.

Oct 1, 2007

The Office Season 2 Bloopers

I love bloopers, but even more than that, I love the Office. It's one of the funniest shows on TV today, and now in its 4th season it's still just as hilarious as ever (the British version that inspired it is great too). The mockumentary (documentary spoof) style of the show allows for some great unscripted moments, and nothing shows the chemistry and process better than these season 2 bloopers. I could sit here and write out why I think you should like the show, but the reasons are all too obvious for anyone who has caught an episode. Check it out.

The Office Season 2 Bloopers