About Me & Contact

Hello!  I'm Luke Fandrich (aka Editing Luke) and you've arrived (or more likely stumbled onto) my journal, digital scrapbook, production diary, and video archive.  Since this all began back in May of 2007, my focus has really been about showcasing my creative ventures and passion for multimedia.  More of that on my portfolio.

From film school to film festivals, Editing Luke is my collection of perspectives on production, my own video history, the things, images, people, places, and moments that have inspired me, and my growing work as a professional video editor and photographer.

Currently located in Alberta, Canada, my short films have been screened internationally at festivals in the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and here at home in Toronto and Montreal.  I was even recognized by the Premier of Saskatchewan while attending film school at the University of Regina for a short film I created for a National Film Board of Canada contest. 

My photography has also been widespread and featured by a number of prominent businesses and organizations. Most recently, a self-motivated photo series on my hometown's history has resulted in hundreds of image sales, an exhibition, original postcards and a calendar. I was also commissioned by the City of Medicine Hat to create a permanent art installation using my photography for the new Medicine Hat airport terminal expansion. 

Now working largely on the corporate side of video production and photography, the challenges are no less varied than they were in film school.  Moving forward I hope to pass on a bit of inspiration as a way of continuing to find it.  Have something on your mind? Get in touch with me here.


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