About Me & Contact

Hello! I'm Luke Fandrich (AKA Editing Luke) and you've arrived (or more likely stumbled onto) my journal, digital scrapbook, production diary, and platform for original content. Since this site launched in May of 2007, my focus has been on showcasing my creative ventures and the continued growth of my media production company and brand, Editing Luke.

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From film school to film festivals, Editing Luke is my collection of perspectives on production, my own video history, the people, places, and moments that have inspired me, and my professional work as a video producer, editor and photographer.

Currently based in Alberta, Canada (but regularly travelling all over North America) my short films have been screened internationally at festivals in the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and here at home across Canada. The independent work that I've shared on this website alone has reached 40+ million people since the site launched.

My photography has also been widespread and featured in creative ways around the globe. Most recently, a self-motivated photo series on my hometown's history has resulted in hundreds of print sales, exhibitions, original postcards and several calendars. My travel photography has been utilized for tourism around North America and published in travel guides and magazines. I was also recently commissioned by the City of Medicine Hat to create a permanent art installation using my photography for the new Medicine Hat airport terminal expansion. 

Have an idea involving video and/or photography? Let's create something!