Aug 26, 2018

A Visit to the Calgary Stampede in 1967

There was a lot going on across the country in 1967, Canada's centennial year. Of course, the Calgary Stampede was a huge draw - something reflected in this vintage postcard (featuring the chuckwagon races) mailed from Calgary, Alberta that summer. 

Vintage Calgary Stampede PostcardAffixed with two 4 cent stamps, this card was postmarked in Calgary, then sent via San Francisco, California to Ronald Schuck who was serving in the Vietnam War. I couldn't find very much about him, but he was in the U.S. Marine Corp, was 20 years old in 1967, and survived the war. 

Aunt Jean writes, "We arrived here in time for Stampede Week. We are going to see the big parade tomorrow. We can come back for the show if we want to. Everybody wears ten gallon hats here. It is quite a town." It sure is, Aunt Jean.

Vintage Calgary Stampede PostcardPostcards like this are why I started this series. They get my mind racing because of all of the little clues left behind. It's just a small slice of someone's life and yet it links a vintage image of the Calgary Stampede with Canada's centennial year and the Vietnam War. That's a lot of 1967 captured on a single piece of cardstock.  

Vintage Calgary Stampede Postcard

Vintage Calgary Stampede Postcard

Vintage Calgary Stampede Postcard

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