Apr 10, 2015

Earl Kitchener Home: Before & After

I had no idea when I first photographed the vacant interior of Earl Kitchener School that it would lead to one of the most successful photo sets that I've ever shared on this site. Earlier this year, after renovations transformed this former school into a luxurious private residence, I had the opportunity to return and capture this amazing space for my Around the Hat series.  

Earl Kitchener School Medicine Hat Alberta
What's been so interesting about this project from my perspective, is that I was able to professionally photograph this property at two very distinct times - right before and after the renovations took place. Playing on the success of my previous photo set of the interior, I thought some might also enjoy seeing direct comparisons of Earl Kitchener in these two states of progress, side by side. I also opted to ghost several of the spaces, meaning that I merged two of my photographs together to show the before and after combined into a single shot. 

The resulting images not only emphasize the dramatic changes that the renovation produced, but they also highlight the imagination that went into making it happen. For me, it's been fascinating subject matter to photograph, edit, and share. Everyone loves a good reveal. 

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Main hallway. Ghosted image showing before and after together.

Main hallway. Before and after one year apart.

TV Room / Bar. Ghosted image.

TV Room / Bar. One year apart.

Living Room. Ghosted.

Living Room. Before and after.

Kitchen. Ghosted image.

The space in the before image is the dining room now. The kitchen is in front of that.

Another view of the living room. Ghosted.

Before and after.

Ghosted image of the main hallway doors to the living room.

Ghosting a completed piece of the living room (left) with the unfinished (right).

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