Apr 15, 2015

2013 Bentley Continental GTC

Driving around the coast of Oahu, Hawaii is a popular activity for most visitors, however I wanted to make my experience a bit more unique. Seeing as I'd be photographing my entire road trip around the island, I thought I'd go all out and make the journey that much more unforgettable. I decided a 2013 Bentley Continental GTC was the perfect fit.

I arranged the rental with JN Exotics in downtown Honolulu a few months prior to my trip. The service was exceptional, and frankly given the cost I would've expected nothing less. The car was dropped off at my hotel the morning of my road trip, and I couldn't have been treated like more of a VIP. I even got a private tour of their showroom when I returned the car to the dealership the following day, which meant I was able to get up close and personal with all of the latest offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati in their collection. 

It's the closest I've ever been to feeling like I was in an episode of Top Gear. Not just because of the cars, but because of the exclusivity of the experience. There's nothing quite like cruising through Waikiki in a car that costs as much as a small home. 

It's difficult to explain just how happy I was that day. The joy of driving the winding coastal roads of Oahu in a Bentley convertible was only further accentuated by the approving nods of onlookers as I stopped to enjoy the scenery. I must have had at least 10 people approach me throughout the day to talk about the car. It was reminiscent of the fun I used to have with my old Jaguar.

As you might imagine, I shot hundreds and hundreds of images during the drive. I figured before I got into the scenery, points of interest, and cultural hot spots though, I'd start with the images I snapped of this beautiful Bentley convertible. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. 

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