Jul 25, 2011

Via iPod Touch

This weekend I crossed another bit of indulgence off of my wishlist and bought myself an iPod Touch.  To be completely honest, I was swayed by the apps.  Namely, Instagram and Angry Birds.  It's really just another excuse to waste time.

I love my iPod classic and listen to it around the apartment and have it hooked up to speakers everyday at work.  The iPod Touch, however, seems more appropriate for everything else on the go.  I can put the few new CDs that I'm listening to for the moment on it, or play games while I'm waiting, snap some pictures, etc.  And for as much as I use my current cell phone, just going for the iPhone seemed a bit pointless.

In any case, it's been fun so far.  This weekend I was shooting video with the Super 8 app (from the movie, Super 8) that mimics an old school Super 8 camera.  Then I played with Instagram around my apartment, trying out all the different filters - and creating a new blog header with some of the images.  This will probably do for my photography what my Flip Cam did for my video, which will mean another cool way to share things on the blog. Then there was Angry Birds - no comment required, as it seems everyone else is already addicted.

You're never too old for new toys, are you?


Wendy said...

Awesome collection of shots, Luke! You can tell you had a lot of fun checking out your new toy. Very cool!

Stella said...

I like your photo collage!!