Jul 8, 2011

Settling In

The beginning of this month has marked a year since I moved into my loft, a far cry from the basement at my parent's house that I left behind.  I absolutely love my place and am actually quite amazed at how much has continued to change month by month.  It seems like when ever I have someone over they always comment on something that I've already forgotten that I altered.

I don't suppose I'll ever be done this process as I shuffle the old to make room for the new.  Sometimes it's just an excuse to try something I haven't yet or to finish something that hasn't quite seemed complete.  Whatever the reason, my loft has become a character all its own.  Part creative escape, part treasure stash.  And then there were the Christmas decorations.

With all of the friends and family that have been through in the last year I feel like my place has continued to feel more and more like a home of my own.  This is the first place that I've had a kitchen to myself, a layout that I had a choice in, and all of my stuff under one roof.  It seems it's been worth the wait.


Angry Charlie said...

Your place is like an organic life force all on it's own. You're somebody that'll always be content in your place, but will never leave it be, haha. By the time you do get it right, people will be like "Luke, that's weird you've had that couch for five years." And you'll be like "You're right! New couch day!"

Editing Luke said...

haha, I'm not sure it's quite that random, but thanks. Mostly I just want to feel like I'm always improving and not becoming too comfortable or predictable. I think changing up my place is an easy part of doing that.