May 16, 2009

Headphones (2009)

Created in the same technical guise as my earlier split screen experiments, Headphones is a brand new self-portrait of sorts. This is but one more short in a series of edits that is meant to reflect a process, a personal awareness, and a deliberate approach to editing as art.

I've said it many times before, but the idea behind shorts like this isn't about masked themes, but about appreciating the digital medium and editing technique by taking a forced look. Just as a painter might fill a canvas for the tactile experience of seeing the streaks and runs in drying colours of paint, these editing experiments serve a similar purpose for further nurturing my personal appreciation for the technical execution of editing. Working with seemingly mundane raw footage only emphasizes this, and putting myself in the mix puts a face to the technique.

As I find myself more inspired to shoot, more of these edits always pop up and I feel that it's for the sake of variety that I share them. While individually, Headphones doesn't say much, it does add to the diversity and overall arch of my portfolio. Which, for the sake of this blog and myself I think it's essential to showcase editing not simply as a career or task, but as a powerful way to express creativity.

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