Jan 9, 2008

Free Hugs Campaign

Sometimes you come across things on YouTube that make you laugh or smile, but never have I come across a series of videos that just plain make me feel good the way that the 'free hugs campaign' videos do. You may have heard about this, the original video has over 22 million views - enough to inspire spin-offs and copies from all over the world.

A person, or a group of people, go out in public with a sign promoting free hugs. You then get to watch the reactions of people, and see the humble project snowball into a much larger event. Hugging is a pretty simple gesture and low key idea for a video, but after watching these it's even more clear how much good can be done with so little. If there's one thing the world could use a bit more of, it's probably hugs.

Free Hugs Campaign (original)

Free Hugs Amsterdam

Free Hugs Korea

Free Hugs Scotland

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Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy on the interweb. In any case my friends sisters husband(truthfully I am not making that up even though it sounds like it) sits downtown Saskatoon with a sign that says something like "If you need to talk I will listen" and then he talks to people about god and religion has helped him out. If you search hard enough i thin the Star Pheonix did a story on him last summer. Either way I am not to sure if it is good or bad it can really go either way especially considering that religion can come off as preachy or you can really offend peoples beleifs. After all almost every war in history has been b/c of religion. That doesn't make sense.

i guess my point is that something like this is close to home. People try to make things better for others everywhere.