Jan 5, 2021

Updates to Alberta Travel Photography

While 2020 was a slow year for travel in general, one bright spot was finally having the time to complete some big updates to my various preview galleries for the professional travel content I've shot all over my home province of Alberta, Canada.

Several major refreshes for 2021 include travel photography from the Rockies, Calgary, Edmonton, the Canadian Badlands, and Southeast Alberta (including my hometown of Medicine Hat). 

While you'll find a lot of content has been featured on this website, if you're looking to license material or inquire about a custom order, shoot me a message and I'll be able to quickly narrow your search or direct you to one of these newly created online preview galleries. 

A lot of the preview content has been refreshed into online galleries for ease of sharing with clients or interested parties. While this was always the case to a certain extent, the extra time has allowed me to streamline my galleries, retire older content, finally add in some of the newer shoots, and take stock of how much there really was. 

Looking for something specific? Just ask.

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Alberta Travel Photography 2021