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Dec 30, 2022

What Difference Does A Trailer Make?

A week ago I had anticipated some public response when the preview for "Your Cinema Needs You" finally dropped. What followed ... thousands of fresh eyes on what I'd been up to this year, renewed public interest, HUNDREDS of messages, media coverage, a rally of support to see the film premiere in the Monarch, and so so so many questions. 

All amazing - but also, exactly what you'd hope a solid trailer would do.

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

What I wasn't prepared for was the trailer for "Your Cinema Needs You" inspiring a few tip-offs about the potential future of the Monarch Theatre, and the preview convincing the only hold out interview of the entire documentary to finally request a sit down.

Earlier this week production resumed for a single day inside the Monarch, and as a result of this final interviewee's involvement even more unreleased archival material has been secured for the documentary. On what in any other year would be the sleepy haze between Christmas and New Years, I feel like I've been racing. I've just created more work for myself, but I suppose this is the hectic reality of capturing a story that's still being written. 

This new year should be very interesting.

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Dec 28, 2022

2022: Medicine Hat, Alberta Images of the Year

On the local front, 2022 marked the 10 year anniversary since I began photographing Medicine Hat, Alberta as part of my Around the Hat / Hometown Series.

On one hand I started the year feeling like maybe the series had run its course, and on the other hand quickly saw that engagement had never been higher

As it turned out there were quite a few surprises that followed - some high-profile features, notable print installations, and even a couple of new experiences to boot. With enough encouragement, it's safe to say the series isn't going anywhere. Here are just a few of the "hometown hits" that received the most engagement in 2022.

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Medicine Hat Photographer Luke Fandrich

Dec 23, 2022

Monarch Documentary Trailer on Chat News

My thanks to Chat News for featuring the trailer for my new documentary "Your Cinema Needs You" on their broadcast today. See the trailer featuring the Monarch Theatre below.

Monarch Theatre Editing Luke Chat News TV

Dec 21, 2022

Monarch Documentary: Teaser Trailer

Let's go to the movies!
Opened 111 years ago today on December 21, 1911, the Monarch Theatre in Medicine Hat, Alberta is a cinema that's been hiding an incredible story. Here's your first look at the new documentary "Your Cinema Needs You" directed by Luke Fandrich. Coming 2023.

For more updates on the release of this documentary follow @editingluke

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Luke Fandrich Monarch Documentary

Dec 15, 2022

2022 Instagram Travel Features @editingluke

As we roll into the yearly recaps for 2022, I was feeling like I hadn't done that much outside of work on a documentary all year - which granted, has been a lot. But when I dug up all of the "official reshares" on my travel content this year it was ... well, awesome lol ... New York, Berlin, Miami, Brussels, Dallas, Winnipeg, Seattle, Calgary, Paris, Los Angeles, Montreal, Victoria, Honolulu, Osaka, Edinburgh, Ottawa, and on and on.

Editing Luke Fandrich Travel Photographer

I did a lot of experimenting in 2022 to get my work seen by travel partners while being very strategic about not just building a profile to be mined for content. It's a complicated trade-off, but it seems to be working. The variety of locations in these features is a solid achievement given how competitive this is - and for that, let me say thank you and express how grateful I am to have found eyes for what I share here and on the Editing Luke site. 

Now the real question - where to next? 

Editing Luke Fandrich Travel Photographer

Dec 12, 2022

New Artwork in Medicine Hat Brewing Company

I want take a moment to shoutout Medicine Hat Brewing Company here in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a large order of custom canvases from my "Hometown Series" to be utilized in one of their new spaces.

Medicine Hat Brewing Company MH Brew Co

While it never gets old to see your work appreciated, there's really nothing quite like when it's at home. I've always tried to be vocal and engaged in promoting my community to a wider audience, so anytime a local business goes out of their way to work with me I want to show them some love too - particularly when I'm also a frequent customer lol.

Thank you MH Brew Co. for the patronage and for another unique opportunity to see my work on display in my hometown. Let's do it again sometime.

Medicine Hat Brewing Company MH Brew Co

Medicine Hat Brewing Company MH Brew Co

Dec 8, 2022

Documentary Sneak Peek, Trailer Release Date

Thank you to the Medicine Hat News and Kendall King for this feature on my latest documentary "Your Cinema Needs You" in today's newspaper. 

Following the incredible response online last week I can finally share that a trailer for the film will be released on December 21 - marking the 111th anniversary of when the Monarch Theatre first opened her doors to the public back in 1911. More updates to come soon.

Luke Fandrich Filmmaker Documentary Monarch

Dec 2, 2022

One Year Into Production on the Documentary

One year ago I announced that my new documentary about the Monarch Theatre had been greenlit - a largely unknown (outside of my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta) historic cinema with a really unique backstory.

No surprises, it's come to define a lot of my 2022.

Production updates, exploration, title reveals, behind the scenes, media releases, etc. It's been fun to share parts of this process (if for no other reason) because uncovering the history of a century old cinema, its origins and evolution, etc. lead me down a few rabbit holes that I needed help climbing out of (so to speak).

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Through months of research, interviews, filming, more research, delays, and seemingly endless editing I'm able to finally share that the project is ... still not done. But, we're close-ish ... at least closer. All the puzzle pieces are built and the outside edges are done.
So while a 2023 release is imminent, I'm feeling more and more excited about what's coming up in these final months.
Which begs the question, would anyone like to see an actual sneak peek of the documentary if I decided to release a preview early? Because the trailer is ready and I'm hyped lol.

Oct 1, 2022

A Month of Travel Shoots Across Europe

For the month of September I was having the time of my life on what I can only describe as the most elaborate, continuous travel shoot I've completed to date. With shoots taking place across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, and Scotland, there was no shortage of things to do, places to see, and experiences to capture. It was a wild month!

While content from these shoots won't really start to emerge until 2023, I did share a handful of highlights on the Editing Luke Instagram @editingluke as things were unfolding. Unlike most shoots were it feels relatively easy to sum up the adventure under a single banner or theme, I'm still reeling from just how varied and expansive this entire undertaking was. I'm going to need some time to be a bit more thought provoking - but, in short, it really was incredible.  

Europe Travel Photography

Sep 30, 2022

Unpacking a Suitcase of Travel Shoot Souvenirs

While the experience was undeniably incredible, I'm currently feeling a bit overstimulated and numb from this last month of travel shoots around Europe. It really was the adventure of a lifetime. A lot of this content won't surface until 2023 now, but I'm enjoying rediscovering all of the random bits and pieces I've brought home as I unpack and reorganize. 

Here are a few early highlights.

1. Kitschy French singles from a Parisian thrift shop.

2. Various pieces of the Berlin Wall.

3. A mini bar's worth of different Scotch from Scotland.

4. Belgian comicbook souvenirs - with an emphasis on finds from Tintin and Lucky Luke.

5. Retro inspired merch from Euro Disney's 30th anniversary - now known as Disneyland Paris.

6. A handcrafted "willy warmer" from Amsterdam ... for dressy occasions.

These were clearly all must haves in the moment lol.

Sep 1, 2022

Post-Production Extended on Monarch Documentary

In an alternate timeline I'd be celebrating the completion of "Your Cinema Needs You", my latest feature length documentary, this one about the Monarch Theatre in Medicine Hat, Alberta. In production since the beginning of 2022, the project entered post-production this summer and had originally been scheduled for completion by the end of August. Well, that didn't happen.

Canadas Oldest Movie Theatre Cinema Documentary
Overall, early reception to teasers, previews, and behind the scenes images from the documentary have all been well received throughout production and there's no question that a lot of progress on this story has been made over the last few months. While nothing has gone wrong per se, it just became clear in early assembly that there was a lot more material to go through and distill than was feasible within the existing timeline - particularly because as it turned out I'd amassed enough material from this 110+ year history to make a mini-series.

The newly revised timeline will still see the documentary completed this year, but there's still a lot to do and a lot of uncertainty about what may actually happen to the Monarch Theatre in this time. Everyone is still being pretty hush-hush about what may "officially" happen to this old cinema. That said, as things continue to be refined and take shape I'm only getting more excited to reveal the incredible amount of effort that's gone into producing this story. 

"Your Cinema Needs You" is going to be amazing! With any luck we'll be able to debut it at the Monarch Theatre upon its completion. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Canadas Oldest Movie Theatre Cinema Documentary

Monarch Documentary Editing Luke Fandrich

Canadas Oldest Movie Theatre Cinema Documentary


Aug 10, 2022

Title Reveal: Your Cinema Needs You

Title reveal / teaser poster: I'm happy to finally share that my upcoming feature length documentary on the Monarch Theatre is called Your Cinema Needs You.

Spanning the 110+ year history of a single screen cinema, Your Cinema Needs You is an exploration of "what might just be" the oldest surviving movie theatre in all of Canada.

From its origins to its reinventions to the numerous other cinemas it outlasted along the way, Your Cinema Needs You takes place against the backdrop of the Monarch's uncertain future and looks at why the cinema experience, in general, is still worth saving. 

Release date TBD. Late 2022.

Monarch Documentary Editing Luke

Jun 22, 2022

Buick to the Future Turns 15

It was a summer of late nights, 80's flicks, and early online ambitions. It was a time when Buick still made sedans and a pun was enough to inspire a series. It is perhaps some of the most profound student film work I ever produced about a car that could reach, not 88, but 8 mph. 

Please raise a glass in honor of the 15th anniversary of "Buick to the Future" and the project that first drew visitors to a brand new, rinky-dink website called Editing Luke back in 2007.

This post is a feature from the Editing Luke instagram @editingluke.

Buick to the Future Student Films

Jun 12, 2022

Jun 9, 2022

How I Ended Up With the Eiffel Tower All to Myself

Upon reflecting on some of my most memorable travel shoots during a recent discussion, I was reminded that one of them was actually from a shoot during the height of the pandemic in 2020 that I still haven't published yet. This is the brief story of how I ended up with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France all to myself for a moment.

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020

Not long after getting back from France in late 2020 I recapped the general experience of trying to follow through on a travel shoot that had been planned before the world started falling apart. I won't rehash all of that again, but you can read that original post here. The important detail is that I was in Paris and travel shooting in October 2020.

Not surprisingly, this was a weird time for a lot of reasons. Reservations for everything were more complicated, various rules were being modified weekly, and just a few days after I arrived in Paris a nightly curfew had been implemented across France's largest cities.  

I purchased a timed admission to the Eiffel Tower before I arrived in France, as naturally, visiting one of the world's most recognizable landmarks is always a must for travel shoots. My ticket was for a midweek opening and I anticipated getting some early morning shots across the city. What I didn't plan on was a national curfew reducing the hours of every business, including pushing the opening of the Eiffel Tower to a time that was now a few hours later than my ticket.

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020

I was already comfortable playing everything by ear at this point considering how complicated just getting to France had been. I showed up at the revised time with my original ticket, and this is where I stumbled into a random bit of good luck.

Everyone across Paris was still adjusting to the newly imposed curfew and as I made my way through security at the Eiffel Tower I found myself in a rather engaged conversation with one of the employees about everything that had been going on. Then I mentioned I was a professional travel photographer visiting from Canada. 

You have to remember that this was taking place not only when international travel was at a stand still, but my visit was within this weird window of time when Canadians were allowed back into France, but a lot of other countries like the U.S. and others were not. This detail became a talking point pretty much anytime my passport was visible, as unless you were up to date on all of the rules, a lot of people were still skeptical about how I got there.

In any case, our introduction was a positive one, and she offered to take me up on the first elevator with the employees as the Eiffel Tower opened. Obviously, I jumped at the chance.

For about 10 minutes I lucked into having the Eiffel Tower all to myself. 

No crowds, no people, no one in my shots. Of course, I was happy to capture the decks filled soon after as those were the images I was after from the start. But, I can't quite explain how surreal it was to be standing on an empty deck of the Eiffel Tower and feeling like I was the only person seeing it like this at that very moment. It's not everyday you get a world landmark to yourself, but what a way to put an exclamation mark on an already unforgettable experience. 

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020

Empty Eiffel Tower Paris 2020