Apr 1, 2015

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

On the eastern shore of Oahu you'll find Hanauma Bay, one of the most popular spots to snorkel in Hawaii. It's easy to access, and even in waist deep water you can see a variety of fish swimming around this active reef located only 10 miles from Waikiki Beach. Hanauma Bay is a beautiful spot, the waters are clear and calm, and as a result the crowds lining up to get in are likely to be the most challenging part of your experience.

Preservation efforts around Hanauma Bay limit the number of tourists allowed in at any given time, however if you arrive early enough you shouldn't have a problem getting in. We booked our trip with a tour operator who shuttled us from our hotel to Hanauma Bay and provided us with all of our snorkeling gear - mask, snorkel, flippers, and vest. 

Some of the brief footage I shot underwater at Hanauma Bay.

I've never snorkeled outside of a swimming pool before, but I had no problem picking it up pretty quickly in the calm waters of Hanauma Bay. The views above the reef were amazing and I saw all kinds of colorful fish and corals. I even bought a waterproof case for my phone so that I could shoot some pictures underwater. 

It's one of those activities that you can't really capture the sensation as you experience it, but I did come away with some nice shots. In total we spent about 4 hours at Hanauma Bay and that proved to be more than enough time to see and do everything we wanted to there. As far as things to do in a tropical locale are concerned, this is a must.