Feb 24, 2015

Town Square in Cathedral City, California

One of the cool things about the desert cities in Southern California is that a lot of them are so close to one another that you can explore them pretty easily (sometimes without realizing you're in a different one altogether). On my way back to Palm Springs I stopped at the Town Square Park in Cathedral City. The square is surrounded by the Civic Center and Mary Pickford Theatre, and it was the lit trees and impressive fountain that caught my attention.  

Feb 23, 2015

Abandoned Salton Sea Beach Marina

On the western shore of the Salton Sea in Southern California you'll find the small community of Salton Sea Beach. It's home to less than 500 residents, and along the coast you'll still find remnants from the Salton Sea's heyday. 

The marina is closed now, abandoned buildings line the shore, and a vintage motorboat is buried in the sand nearby. Even the old sign for the marina next to the interstate is a cool throwback - although it's plastered in other posters now. The area is actually a captivating locale for photography, unfortunately vandalism seems to be taking its toll. Here are some of my images from my brief stop during my road trip around the Salton Sea.