Jul 2, 2009

On Location: Buick to the Future - Episode 3

Project: Buick to the Future - Episode 3
Shot: July 2007
Location: Cinema 6 Drive-In (Outside Regina, SK)
Revisited: June 2009

Tyler (or Doc in BTTF) revisited this location for me. You'll notice the Cinema 6 sign was used for several of the posters for Buick to the Future, and the this dirt road divided the open field and drive-in background that both appeared in the short. It was a crazy hot day when we shot out here, and the most noticeable difference is that all the grass looks considerably shorter than when we were out there. There was also an old steel frame in front of the Cinema 6 sign that we used in some of our earlier photos. The drive-in appears to be a storage lot now, it was already closed down when we shot there. Not much has changed here, but the fact that I have makes it seem so remarkably new again.

On Location: Buick to the Future - Episode 1

Project: Buick to the Future - Episode 1
Shot: June 2007
Location: University Parking Lot - Regina, SK
Revisited: March 2009

Just as it was in the summer semester of 2007, this was the parking lot that the few summer students living in College West used. During the regular year it was usually full, but with school out and a giant dirt lot to play in, it was the perfect backdrop for the first episode of Buick. Not long after we finished the first few episodes the lot was overrun with construction for new pipes, which was followed by half the lot being paved over. It's still pretty stark, but I think we used it to our advantage.

Jul 1, 2009

Canada Day & Fireworks

It's Canada Day - and to continue with my tradition, I'll once again share my firework work videos from years past - surprise! 

The first video was shot in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta in 2004 and the second in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2007. Regina, where I was going to university, was an interesting experience because the fireworks from where we were standing were directly over our heads. It's Medicine Hat's display that always wows me though - that was a good year! Happy Canada Day!