May 31, 2009

2 Years of Editing Luke

If my first year of blogging was just about making myself known, the second year had to be about refining how I tell my story. While my list of film school shorts, personal experiments, parodies, narratives and travel edits is long - it's the way that I've showcased them here that has really changed over the last year.

More than just highlighting the projects and edits themselves, I've done my best to try and conceptualize the experience of my work in my newest posts and updates. Why did I make this? What was I inspired by? What did this lead to? The blog that Editing Luke has become is so much more than just a video site, it's an in-depth personal account of my history and experiences in my pursuit of film making opportunities as well as creative justification for my efforts.

Like any artist in any medium, my goal is quality feedback and interaction with other like-minded readers and viewers. Editing Luke has allowed this to continue and grow from day one. The more I seem to enhance my site, the more I've been amazed at the impression it allows me to make with new people. I haven't been lying when I've said it's my online portfolio - I've used Editing Luke on my resume.

There's been no trick or instant success that's kept all this going. Editing Luke exists because I'm passionate about what I do, I love connecting with new readers/viewers all over the world, and because I've been able to see the rewards of my hard work from time to time. Persistence and creativity mixed with some moderate viewership has made this a success.

After one year my blog views were 15,854, my video views were 53,698 and I had made 147 blog posts. After 2 years my blog views are now 49,625, my video views are 212,645 and I've made 305 blog posts. In terms of total views, that's growth of over 200% in the last year.

I'm continually grateful for what so many of you have helped this blog become. Thank you for reading, for viewing, for checking in every now and then just to see what I've got going on. The potential of what your interest can bring is a constant motivation. For those of you who continue to visit I can't say it enough, thank you!

I created two new promotional edits this month to celebrate 2 years of Editing Luke. The edits are identical, but I switched up the music tracks to get a different feel for each video. Have a look, and I hope to continue sharing this experience with you for years to come. From myself, Luke Fandrich, cheers to two years!

May 28, 2009

Las Vegas: Edits (2005)

Do you remember turning 21? For me it was a party in the dorms, followed shortly after by an evening on Expedia planning a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas just days later. Nothing quite like the optimism infused, debt ignoring student life.

My birthday is on March 31, which just happens to land a couple weeks before the end of the school semester. In early April 2005, my friend and fellow travel companion, Andrea and I got to chatting about how cool it would be to go to Las Vegas. Her birthday is just 4 days before mine, so she had just turned 21 also.

On a whim, I started searching out Las Vegas trip packages only to happily discover that we could go on a pretty sweet vacation for $500 each. We chose one of the cheapest big hotels on the strip, Circus Circus, and planned a 5 day 4 night trip. And what did we do? Gamble, wander, and take advantage of all the free things there was to see.

It was the first time I tried roulette, I bought myself a pressed Lucky Penny, and I ate more Denny's than one man should eat. We walked the entire Las Vegas strip from the Stratosphere down to the Luxor - take a look at the map and see how far that is. And purely by luck, we were there the weekend that the Wynn opened their doors for the very first time. They've already built a second tower/hotel called Encore now. That place changes so fast.

While we did Vegas on the cheap, there was nothing like being there right after turning 21. Nothing like ending the semester only to wake up in Vegas a couple weeks later, on a continuous high that we even talked ourselves into going.

I'll never forget this trip. The edits I made instantly make me nostalgic, and the loss of hotels like the Stardust and New Frontier already date the footage. It was rush, and the primer for our ultimate Vegas experience that followed in 2008. See the four Las Vegas edits from 2005 below.

Las Vegas Strip

Fremont Street Experience

Mirage Volcano

Sirens of Treasure Island

May 26, 2009

The Reel Skinny: Off Screen - Interview

Last night I was interviewed for TRS Presents: Off Screen by Patrick from The Reel Skinny, a blog and podcast about independent filmmaking, filmmakers, and movie reviews.

Patrick came across my blog and contacted me about discussing my own independent filmmaking experience just last week and offered me the chance to talk about one of my favourite subjects - myself. No, I'm kidding. The invitation was very flattering, and I'm happy to promote The Reel Skinny just as much as I'm happy to receive the promotion and consideration from them.

I touched on everything from university, to film festivals, my promotion online and this very blog. I rambled quite a bit, but if you can get over that it's worth a listen, haha.

Click below for the full interview:
TRS Presents: Off Screen #4 - Luke Fandrich

Also, you can listen to and download The Reel Skinny podcast, including my interview, for FREE on iTunes just by searching The Reel Skinny in the iTunes store.

Thanks again Patrick for the opportunity to talk to you.