Feb 10, 2008

Give it Time: Contest Video

Here is one of the videos i made for the Sasktel Cell-ebrities contest that placed in the top 10 (the other being The Gizmo Tree). The purpose of the contest was to make a cell phone related video of any kind at all. More details to come regarding the contest results and The Gizmo Tree. For now, check out Give it Time.

Feb 7, 2008

Feb 5, 2008

Silent Shoppers

I made this short film back in 2005. Originally it was a colourful, comic-like film called Yellow Tag Clearance, but not completely satisfied with it I re-edited the project into Silent Shoppers later that year. I always describe Silent Shoppers as a modern day silent film. It's a bit of fluff, inspired by seeing insane shoppers on Boxing Day. I think it's still a fun little film though, and hey, it won the Audience Choice Award at the Medicine Hat Film Festival.