Feb 10, 2021

New Limited Release: Cinema Collage Prints

Now available as a lifetime release of only 50 units per collage, the latest print sale from Editing Luke features these two, brand new archival collages of the Towne Theatre and Monarch Theatre - two historic movie theatres located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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As a filmmaker who was feeling particularly nostalgic at the time, in 2013 I set out to document two of the iconic local movie theatres from my childhood - the (now former) Towne Theatre and the (since refurbished) Monarch Theatre.

What makes these collage prints rare is that they showcase no longer existing details, architectural elements, and equipment from the interiors of two cinemas that have seldom been documented for their own merits. Years of project research and exploration through numerous archives around the province has only further confirmed this.

When the images for these collages were shot in 2013, the Monarch was still undergoing upgrades and the Towne had yet to be gutted. As a result, these limited edition collages highlight the character of these cinemas as they had existed for decades prior.

From the concessions to the projection rooms, these archival collages are certain to bring back memories of summer blockbusters, first dates, opening weekends, first jobs, and weekend matinees. Anyone who grew up in the Hat almost certainly has a story about going to the Towne and the Monarch.

As a lifetime release of only 50 units per each cinema, these hand-signed, numbered prints will never be licensed, reprinted, or duplicated. There will only ever be the original 50 collages of the Monarch and 50 collages of the Towne movie theatres released.

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