Apr 30, 2015

TREX Artist Workshop (2015)

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot this video for the Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) made possible through the Esplanade and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. I was a fly-on-the-wall for one their Visiting Artist Workshops, in which students interact with professional artists and their work, and then take part in hands on creative projects.

This workshop took place at I.F. Cox elementary school in Redcliff, Alberta with artists Dawn Detarando and Brian McArthur sharing their exhibition Bird Frieze: New Works in Porcelain. Three different groups of 3rd graders then participated in a range of projects that allowed them to add their creativity to the mix. Have a look at how it went by watching the video below.

TREX Artist Workshop, Southeast Alberta
Have a look at what happens when artists are invited into the classroom to collaborate. I shot this video earlier this year for the TREX Artist Workshop taking place at I.F. Cox School in Redcliff, Alberta. This production was made possible by the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Learn more about this program here: http://www.trexprogramsoutheast.ca/
Posted by Editing Luke on Saturday, October 17, 2015

It was purely by coincidence that shooting this video brought me back to I.F. Cox. Last year I was involved in another project with the school when I was asked if they could use one of my images for a school-wide art project. It's now hanging in the hallway. More on that experience here.

Overall, I had a blast shooting this video. Working with kids is always a bit unpredictable, and that's part of the fun when you're collaborating with so many other enthusiastic and creative people. TREX's Visiting Artist Workshops are amazing to see in action and provide a great resource for communities and artists alike. Learn more about the program here.

Apr 28, 2015

Portfolio 6.0

Over the last few weeks I've made some massive updates to my website and portfolio. Much of it has been behind the scenes to fix links, switch out old content, and streamline a few of my layouts. This kind of thing is always a work in process, however the biggest change has been the complete overhaul of my portfolio site - fandrix.com.

I always like to talk about simplicity in regards to my portfolio. It's meant to be my online hub, linking to all of my social media, latest projects, contact info, and this blog. My portfolio has never looked as clean or had a more streamlined and user friendly mobile version for cell phones and tablets. See the latest changes for yourself.

Apr 24, 2015

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu: Part 1

Waikiki represents all that's iconic about vacationing in Hawaii. High rise resorts, golden sunsets, surfers, and Diamond Head in the background - it's just like the postcards. The air is soft, the beach is always buzzing, and no joke, fresh pineapple is served with almost everything. You can't beat the crowds here, but hey, it's a small price to pay for paradise. 

Located on the southern shore of Oahu, Honolulu's Waikiki Beach hosts practically every tourist amenity you'd expect to find in a tropical locale. From surfboard rentals and sunset cruises to live music and beachfront restaurants, boredom is entirely by choice. Kalakaua Avenue, the main drag through Waikiki, is a mix of the Las Vegas strip and Rodeo Drive. Tall hotels are surrounded by expensive designer shops, trailing into familiar chains and ABC souvenir stores on every corner.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Despite exploring most of Oahu, the bulk of my week was spent in Waikiki. Whether I was wandering around the beach, shopping or out grabbing drinks, it seems I was always stumbling onto something memorable. Then again, it's a Hawaiian vacation. What's not to love? 

I bought myself a ukelele and proceeded to play it badly for the week.

Diamond Head

Me (left) with my family on Waikiki Beach.