Jun 4, 2015

Roving Dinner in Downtown Medicine Hat

This year the Sunshine Skillet did a trial run of a really cool event in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta. They put on a roving dinner reception where three courses were served at three different downtown restaurants. Guests included members from tourism boards around Alberta, chefs, bloggers, and general foodies. I was there to capture the experience for this new video. 

What was so much fun about this event was getting to capture the energy surrounding the culinary scene downtown. The drinks, the socializing, the beautifully presented plates of food - all of it seemed a bit more special with these unique locations as a backdrop. I think a lot of locals often forget how many amazing local restaurants there actually are in Medicine Hat, and if the event proved anything, it was that downtown is coming back to life in a big way. 

Roving Dinner, Medicine Hat
Earlier this year the Sunshine Skillet Food Festival put on this really cool event in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta. Guests were treated to 3 courses at 3 unique downtown locations - Twist Wine & Tapas The Cypress Club Madhatter Roastery. Here's a quick look at how it all went down. http://goo.gl/ThrpWA
Posted by Editing Luke on Monday, October 26, 2015

The evening began with appetizers at Twist Wine & Tapas Bistro, followed by the main course at the Cypress Club, and wrapped up at Madhatter Roastery for coffee and dessert. Following these guests, most of whom were out-of-towners, proved to be a big eye opener to what we really have here in Medicine Hat. The experience was local, the food was incredible, and the atmosphere was buzzing. Here's hoping this roving dinner was the first of many more to come!

twist wine and tapas bistro downtown medicine hat alberta
Twist Wine & Tapas Bistro in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta.

cypress club downtown medicine hat restaurants
Cypress Club in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta.

madhatter coffee roastery downtown medicine hat alberta
Madhatter Coffee Roastery in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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