Mar 24, 2015

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles: Part 1

I find Hollywood Boulevard to be one of the most fascinating places in Los Angeles. It's a clash of everything tacky and glamorous, rich and poor, old and new. Here you'll find links to the golden age of Hollywood, where landmarks have been re-imagined, transformed, and squeezed for any drop of relevance they may or may not actually have. It's a visual smorgasbord of pop culture where the fantasy of the movies collides with the real world of those trying to get a taste. 

I spent the night wandering, chatting with strangers, and tasting craft beers at the various bars that caught my attention. I explored the Chinese Theatre and the Dolby at Hollywood and Highland. In the end I was just playing in the fantasy too. The first picture I snapped was of this musician walking across Alfred Hitchcock's star on the Walk of Fame. He was just a few paces in front me. It was a great snap, but I found myself so caught up in what I was doing that I didn't realize until I got home and looked at the image again that the friend he was walking with was actually homeless and had no shoes on. To me, that's Hollywood Boulevard in a nutshell. Iconic, but so full of distractions that sometimes the obvious just kind of blends in. 

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