Mar 3, 2015

Goodbye Student Loans

Seeing as I began this website in film school as an outlet to share my projects, experiences, and student life frustrations, this particular update has been a long time coming. As of the first of this month I have officially repaid 100% of my student loans.
It's a great feeling to tackle something that at one time seemed so overwhelming. Although new debt has replaced old debt, financially I'm in a significantly better position than I was after university. In total it took me 6.5 years to pay back my national student loan, although I paid back the provincial portion in just over a year. Was university and the debt worth it? I'm still trying to answer that one. Right now I'm just happy that this chapter has finally come to a close. All things considered, I made it out alright. 
University of Regina / Film School (2002-2008)

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