Mar 31, 2015

31 Today

In one of the few traditions that I've maintained since launching this site in 2007, I figured it was necessary to announce in a blog post (once again) that today is my birthday - my 31st. Wow, I'm an adult! If I'm honest, the celebrations have mellowed over the years, however it's always nice having an excuse for get-togethers. I've enjoyed a bunch of small hangouts leading up to my birthday, which has been fun and relaxed.  

The trip to Hawaii this month was a nice celebration with my family, so I didn't put a whole lot of thought into my birthday once I got back. My birthday present to myself was renting that Bentley in Oahu anyway. A few drinks, a few dinners, a few friends, and that's all I really need. I did get a birthday slurpee - although if you know anything about me, finding time for a slurpee is part of my daily routine. The candles were a nice touch though.

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