Jan 16, 2014

Calendar Success

I can't help but be pleased with how well everything went with the Around the Hat calendar that was sponsored by realtor Matt Teel. Earlier this month I sold the final calendar in my Etsy shop, and gave away tons more to clients and co-workers. In short, there should be hundreds of calendars up around the city this year - a plus for Matt, myself, and promotion of what a great city this really is. 

The feedback has been fantastic, and getting to share my images this way was a nice addition to the variety I experienced over the last year. It has me excited about the potential of doing something like this again, especially because we didn't get around to releasing the calendar until we were already in December - it's too early to make promises though. 

It was a great experience nonetheless, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who bought one and to everyone who is hanging it up. Seeing my series thrive in so many unique ways has been incredible and absolutely humbling. It really means a lot. 

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