Apr 15, 2013

Top Posts of 2010

This was a year of major changes that I felt the previous several years had been building towards. In 2010 my work situation improved, I moved, I traveled, and things were generally on the up and up. In terms of this blog, traffic also surged ahead as the variety on my site became more apparent as I felt I suddenly had a lot more to share. This year really marked the second chapter in the evolution of my site. Here's what was most popular on Editing Luke in 2010:

1. Salton Sea: North Shore Yacht Club
Originally posted July 10, 2010
After a road trip to California in 2009 and a repeat of that trip coming up in September '10, this post seemed  to strike a chord with others interested in the abandoned landscape surrounding the Salton Sea. I was incredibly fascinated with it myself, and numerous posts on the location followed.  

2. Universal Studios Singapore
Originally posted May 6, 2010
Apparently theme parks are pretty popular, because after a trip to Singapore in April 2010 the video I posted of the newly opened Universal Studios Singapore seemed to get a lot of attention. Creating the video proved to be just as much fun as going to the park.

3. Indio Outio: The Complete Project
Originally posted April 1, 2010
This was probably my most ambitious creative project of the year. Using all of the footage from my 2009 road trip to California, I created a series of posts with images and video clips that allowed visitors to take the road trip with me by clicking forward to the next location after each post. From the top of the mountains to the ocean, this was a cool way to share that experience.

4. 1999 Jaguar XJ8 Photo Collage
Originally posted October 9, 2010
In June 2010 I purchased my Jaguar XJ8 and I was buzzing about it for months afterwards. This simple post was nothing more than a collage of some of the images I shot right after buying the car, and it seemed to take off with other car enthusiasts.

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