Mar 4, 2013

Blog FAQs: Part 1

Having kept this blog consistently updated since 2007, there are a number of questions that I've been asked about it during that time. Here are a few of the most common ones that I've received that I thought would be fun to write answers to.  

1. Why do you blog?

I've probably answered this question differently each year depending on what I was doing. The simple answer is that it motivates me to use my time productively. That may sound like a contradiction considering the time that my blog demands, but everything from festival projects, short films, photo sets, etc. have often come as a result of feeling compelled to share something on this site. In that sense, I've created a lot more content and material as a result of having it. My blog is also a journal, so it gives me an outlet to speak my mind, a forum to connect with people who share my interests, and a hub in which I can support and prop up my personal work. 

2. Has your blog actually helped your career?

Yes. On a personal level it's helped me acquire votes in film competitions, I've received invites to screen my work at festivals through this site, it's made me easy to find for anyone searching me out online, and it's proof that I'm actually passionate about what I say I'm passionate about. I've mentioned this site in job interviews and I've used it to share my work. In a variety of ways this site has been a supplement to my resume, and it's allowed me to build a context that certainly hasn't hurt my image.

3. How do you post so regularly?

I haven't always posted as much as I do these days, which is usually 5 times a week. The way I do this now without having my blog consume all of my time is by stockpiling posts. The majority of my posts are prepared several weeks or sometimes even a few months in advance - this is especially true of the photo sets I do. Each week I arrange what posts will go live on each day by drawing on my stockpile. This gives me a chance to write new material for the week if I want, and fill in the rest of the days with prepared posts. By doing this, I rarely feel rushed to come up with content and instead I just work to build up my reserve when I feel compelled to do so. As a result, I'm able to post regularly, more strategically, and with better quality content. This has been the case for the last year and a half.

4. How long will you continue to blog?

Until I get bored of it I guess. I didn't think I'd continue after film school, but then I started writing about the transition and new film projects. Then my blog was about what film school meant, my travels, and my new jobs. Now it's about my photography, daily life, new challenges, and hometown history (among numerous other things). The beauty of this site is that it's literally about Editing Luke (editing myself) so as long as I feel that I'm pursuing something, there will always be material.

5. Best advice for other bloggers?

I always tell people that they should create a site that they would like to read. I don't mean that it's so personal that ONLY they would read it, but that it's the kind of site that would grab their attention and hold their interest if they were to stumble onto it. I figure that if I keep myself excited about what I'm creating, there will continue to be those who will feed off of that energy and get excited about it too. 

Have more questions for me? Send me a question for FAQs part 2.

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