Oct 14, 2012

Meanwhile in Ontario

Last week I finally had an opportunity to catch up with my friend Tyler who moved to Ottawa last month.  Things hit a bit of a rough patch right before the Vegas trip I went on with my friends Mike and Erin a few weeks ago.  Tyler was supposed to be there, but backed out from going at the last minute.  There were a few fireworks at that point, but the issues in question have been addressed, and my intention isn't to play out the argument here.  This skype conversation was really about clearing the air, and to a greater extent, seeing what it's going to be like having this new long-distance friendship.

Things are certainly different now, despite the Vegas stuff.  I used to make the drive to Regina a couple times a year to visit, and Tyler would do the same in coming to Medicine Hat.  The trek between Alberta and Ontario isn't as easy to make routinely though, and it kind of means that hangouts are going to be online until further notice.  I certainly can't fault Tyler for following his heart to Ottawa to be with his new girlfriend, and yet it's tough feeling disconnected from friends.  Maybe a trip to Ontario will be in the cards next year, or maybe some other destination? 

Group meet ups have only become more difficult than they already were, but maybe the distance will actually inspire more adventures for what's left of our small group.  We can hope anyway. This concludes my (will Tyler see this) test, haha.  


Angry Charlie said...

Seen and appreciated! Although I must say I'm a little disappointed you didn't get a picture of me with my Coors Light Jumbo! :P

But yes, there will be plenty more skype sessions to come, and you're right - while the drive could be cumbersome, I certinaly hope we can see eachother soon!

Editing Luke said...

I'm impressed, I was thinking this might sneak by you, haha. Yes, we'll have to start discussing plans for next year. I'd actually like to come visit and do a bit of touring in your new neck of the woods.