Apr 22, 2012

Ending the Rehash

The first series I ever started with Editing Luke was ELMR, or Editing Luke's Monthly Rehash.  The goal was to share my older projects every month to give a bit more air-time to my videos that had previously gone unseen.  That all began in August of 2007.

Here we are nearly five years later and a lot has changed.  I now have a thorough videography and best-of list posted on this blog.  Every month I link a featured video in the tab above.  There's also numerous related content links below each post that help to resurface previous material.  The point I'm getting at is that the ELMR series seems superfluous and unnecessary now, and while it served a useful purpose for several years, it's become a make work project.

Moving forward, and on the cusp of celebrating five years of building this site, it makes a lot of sense to reassess and retire some of the strategies that I had when I started out. In the end, this leaves more room for something new, and I think you'll agree that that's a lot more exciting.    

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