Mar 27, 2012

Workaday Blur

Despite the variety of work I've had on my plate these days, it's been far too easy to let everything blur together.  This is also a likely side effect of not getting enough sleep and fueling my productivity with sugar.  Things are forging along however, and I'm optimistic that the spring will continue to present some new and exciting challenges.

Over the last few weeks I've been working out the final revisions for the Savour the Southeast campaign that I directed the shoot for earlier this month with Stream Media. I also helped a friend out with a video slideshow for his Grandpa's funeral, and I've been putting in more evenings in the studio at Weddingstar (which isn't entirely uncommon) to try and balance out my schedule.

On the photography front it sounds like a new approach for creating inspiration pages on the Weddingstar website could result in some really cool on-location shoots in the coming weeks.  The videos I'm working on for the site aren't nearly as exciting at the moment, but they serve their purpose.

Between all of this, I've also still been assembling and collecting footage for Searching Salvation, my personal documentary / video poem about the death of my friend Dave and our trip to Salvation Mountain. I'm still not sure about the completion date, but I'm focused on really taking my time to get the project feeling the way I want it to.  I was even able to source some of Dave's original music with Wendy's help, which should make a strong addition to the project.  I'm excited about it.  

As for this blog, I've been out shooting a bunch of new photo sets around town when I feel like escaping my desk and going for a walk.  I've created about three new ones so far, but I see this becoming a regular thing considering how much fun I've been having with it.  Editing Luke is nothing if not visual, after all.

And, as though I could forget, I've been getting in a lot of last minute hangouts leading up to the 31st, which will be my 28th birthday.  I've got some family time planned for the Friday, but the day of is still a bit fuzzy.  Considering everything going on, I won't mind downplaying it a bit.  

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