Mar 31, 2012

28 Today

It's been an enjoyable week leading up to today, my 28th birthday.  I've gone out for dinner with friends, had a few drinks, and last night I had a little birthday party with my family.  We even completed the video we've been working on for the last month at Stream Media on Thursday, which was an added bonus.  Things are good these days, and frankly, with all of the plans going ahead this year I'm thinking things are only going to continue getting better.  Then again, as this last week has shown, what situation can't be improved upon with a bit of pizza, beer, ribs, and/or cake in the mix? I'm hoping not to combine all of the above for tonight though. Oh, what the hell, why not?  


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad things are going well for you and that life is looking up. Keep having a good time, you rock buddy!

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Wendy!