Jan 21, 2012

Life in the Age Booth

Last night we had a small family gathering to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We had Chinese food and a treatzza pizza from DQ, and had fun shooting the breeze with one another.  My aunt and uncle were also over, which was a nice surprise as we didn't get a chance to see them over the Christmas break.  All around it was a fun evening.

As I've done for most of our family gatherings over the last year, I brought my iPod touch along to snap some pictures.  One new addition however, was the Age Booth app that I purchased under the encouragement from my friend Tyler while I was visiting over the New Year's weekend.  As it turns out, getting older can be pretty entertaining (if not a bit unflattering when done in 30 year intervals with the help of an app). 


My Sister.

My Uncle.
My Dad.

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