May 15, 2011

Road Trip Photography: Part One

I've shared numerous photo sets from last years cross country road trip to California here on Editing Luke.  It's been a lot of fun showcasing some of my random road trip photography, but as I close out that chapter from last summer to make room for some new content, I thought it would be cool to create some new video montages for one final note on our journey across the western USA.

For part one I'm featuring three new photo montage edits that highlight shots from Montana, Salt Lake City, an evening in downtown Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Cabazon Dinosaurs, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and our trips out to the Salton Sea.  At only a couple minutes long, the edits are fast paced photo collages that highlight my road trip photography as I shot it in chronological order.

This project allowed me to experiment with some new software and play with how static images could be used to create a higher energy montage.  I think the result is a more engaging interpretation of what a slide show can be.

Stay tuned for the next leg of the trip in part two.  


Angry Charlie said...

Very nice, sir! What software did you use to do this?

Editing Luke said...

I used Avid Studio in combination with a subscription to an online program called Animoto.