May 31, 2011

4 Years of Editing Luke

The act of keeping a blog for four years isn't amazing.  What's amazing is how something so simple, so everyday, could start to represent so much of my own identity and history.  In a flash, one thousand four hundred and sixty days have gone by and what remains of that time are fragments of memories, images, stories, and digital scraps (all on public display) that bring forth a sampling of what it was like to transition out of film school and into the real world.

I can only imagine how the future will change my outlook on what Editing Luke began as and what it continues to evolve into.  Whether it's messages from film students or random visitors sharing my links, I can't begin to express how rewarding this experience has been made because of all of you.  With nearly 800 posts and over 40,000 visitors in the last year alone, I've got to admit that the response is pretty humbling.

Here's to the next chapter, another handful of fresh starts, and the continued realization of some scattered childhood ambitions.  Yeah, that sounds like something worth exploring.  

Refresh your memory on how the style of this site has changed over the years by reviewing my Evolution of Editing Luke posts: PART ONE and PART TWO

Stats after 4 Years:
Blog Posts: 781
Blog Views: 128557
Video Views: 1.16 Million

May 30, 2011

Office Propaganda Posters

I recently came across some original artwork by Steve Thomas.  He designs a variety of vintage and propaganda style posters that highlight everything from space travel, battling sea monsters, and scenes from the movies.  He also created a cool series of vintage themed Star Wars travel posters.

These office propaganda posters are what first caught my eye.  It's a fresh perspective on those familiar workplace signs, playing on a style often used for much heavier themes.  You can view more of Steve's work on his site HERE.

May 29, 2011

Web of One

This video of Eli Pariser comes from a TED Talks conference and is pretty fascinating when you consider the way we all interact with the web on a daily basis.  Trust me, this is definitely worth your time to watch.

May 26, 2011

LUCK - NYC Wedding Proposal

I suppose a guy like me can get a bit cynical editing corporate videos, especially when you're trying to connect with people the same way over and over again.  It's what made finding this video so refreshing.  It's polished, colorful, creative, and mixes fantasy with reality while still remaining genuine.  Crafting something like this is no easy task, and its effectiveness is a testament to those involved.  I don't say this often, but this might just bring a tear to your eye . . .

May 25, 2011

Road Trip Photography: Part Three

And just like that the months of sharing these road trip photo sets now comes to a close.  For this final part of my road trip photography we see a few more highlights from downtown San Francisco, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alamo Square, driving across northern California, stopping in Reno, and heading back through the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

This really was quite the adventure.  If you've missed any of the photo sets you can preview my entire photo book HERE and also view all of the related posts by clicking the Road Trip 2010 tab.  Thanks for sharing the ride!

May 24, 2011

Inspired Singles: Specks

Issue 22: Specks by Matt Pond PA

Some songs take you on a ride, and Specks is definitely one of them.  It's easy to picture the landscape rolling by my window as a drive down the highway with this track.  It's light and folksy, played with rootsy abandon, and gives your mind space to wander.  At the moment, I can't ask for much more.

May 23, 2011

Prairie Snapshots

This random collection of prairie snapshots comes from a lot of driving between Alberta and Saskatchewan during my time in film school.  It wasn't uncommon for me to make the trek back and forth for long weekends or holidays, and in that case a lot of these images really are snapshots as they were captured from the window of my Buick on the highway. 

What I love about the prairies is the sense of space.  In a lot of these images it's clear that the focal point has to be the sky because there's almost nothing else to look at.  On those late summer and early fall drives the landscape was often at its best.  Golden fields, high contrasting light on the horizon, and expressive clouds really brought the countryside to life.  Even in its repetitiveness, I feel like I'm always finding new things that really make the Canadian prairies unique.

May 21, 2011

Snapshots Book Series

After publishing my first photo book with Blurb (for my 2009 road trip) I became hooked on the idea of sharing my photos in an original way.  What I opted for was creating smaller soft cover books of three previous trips.  

By creating a Polaroid template, I took a variety of my digital photos and created a uniform border for each image and page of my books.  I really just wanted to highlight some of the memorable spots that made up each trip.  I've since made several more in depth photo books for my 2010 trips to Singapore and California.  

I just thought it was worth bringing attention to these projects again as now you can view the books with them embedded on my blog.  The process and expense of creating some of these photo books is long and expensive, but the reactions and permanence of having a hard cover copy of your images is totally worth it.

Click the links to view the books - LA 2004, Rushmore 2007, Vegas 2008

May 19, 2011

Road Trip Photography: Part Two

Continuing with part two of my new photo montages, these photo sets include Hollywood, Los Angeles, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Sunset Beach, Joshua Tree National Park, Big Sur, and our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.  Looking back at all of these images over the last year has been a lot of fun.  It's surprising just how much ground we covered in a matter of 12 days.  

Stay tuned for the final set of edits to come.   

May 18, 2011

Filmmakers Should Blog

In film school we were told to keep journals as a way to motivate our creativity.  At the time it felt like a chore, because frankly, nothing ever feels that creative when you're being forced to do it.  Pretty much as soon as I wasn't required to write out my random thoughts anymore I actually felt compelled to.  Go figure.

I now see what everyone was on about though.  Filmmakers should blog.  Creative people should blog.  If for no other reason than to indulge your own sense of achievement, blogging has provided me a way to work out my thoughts and frustrations.  Sometimes it's simply a distraction, but often it gives me a forum to really think about the things I want to say and in turn, what I want those things to mean.

This is kind of huge if you allow yourself to get past your own self-consciousness and want to learn more about yourself.  As a video editor I've always been keen to challenge my perception of the technical side of editing with the emotional side.  If I were to try and learn this through my contract editing I might only scratch the surface or maybe never have the opportunity to work out that obscure idea in the back of my mind.  Instead, random creations are fueled by my need to blog about something and it's those random creations that then give me something to analyze.

Blogging can then be more than just an exercise in futility, you can actually improve the way you think about things.  Knowing that I'm posting things publicly actually helps in some sense, because even if no one reads what I post I feel that I'm being held to a standard outside of my own.  When I'm writing an entry it's also one of the few times that I actually slow down to reflect on something that I've learned or something that inspired me.

Filmmaking is a form of communication and there are multiple facets within that framework that build the conversation.  You might not see the value in writing out your ideas at the moment, but if there's anything that Editing Luke has given me it's the ability to articulate an idea and explore my own aspirations.  This skill is invaluable.  Everyone can create, but not everyone can explain their thought process or perspective.  Don't kid yourself, creativity takes work and writing is a tried and true approach to overcoming those mental blocks.

But yes, I still hated being forced to write those film journals.

May 17, 2011

Weekend Photography

Over the weekend it became apparent that the final signs of winter had finally retreated.  It was also one of the first weekends that I'd had in a long time where I had no editing to do, no work to think about, and no excuses to keep me from my own distractions.

I actually used my free time to play with my Jaguar.  I gave her a thorough spring cleaning and finally used the custom kit that I'd ordered a few months ago to restore her leather seats.  This turned out to be the perfect project as it meant a full Saturday afternoon in the sun. Soon after I finished up I grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the neighbourhood.  

The leaves were finally starting to show, the grass was changing, and shades of green were popping up everywhere - this shift literally just started happening over the last week.  After what felt like an inexplicably cruel winter I, like everyone else, seemed keen to get outside.  I even spotted a deer walking on the sidewalk across the street from me right downtown.  Here's some of my photography from the weekend.

May 15, 2011

Road Trip Photography: Part One

I've shared numerous photo sets from last years cross country road trip to California here on Editing Luke.  It's been a lot of fun showcasing some of my random road trip photography, but as I close out that chapter from last summer to make room for some new content, I thought it would be cool to create some new video montages for one final note on our journey across the western USA.

For part one I'm featuring three new photo montage edits that highlight shots from Montana, Salt Lake City, an evening in downtown Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Cabazon Dinosaurs, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and our trips out to the Salton Sea.  At only a couple minutes long, the edits are fast paced photo collages that highlight my road trip photography as I shot it in chronological order.

This project allowed me to experiment with some new software and play with how static images could be used to create a higher energy montage.  I think the result is a more engaging interpretation of what a slide show can be.

Stay tuned for the next leg of the trip in part two.