Mar 31, 2011

27 Today

With age comes a greater context for the goals you're pursuing, the things you've already experienced, and all those random oddities that have made you the person you are now. I'm 27 today, and I'm welcoming it with open arms.

Age doesn't really bother me - lack of achievement does.  In university I'd stress and frustrate myself by pandering about where my choices were leading.  One of the biggest things I've taught myself though is that you do have to invest in what you're passionate about.  Don't expect anyone else to do it for you, and challenge your own laziness. Needless to say, my optimism has remained intact.

To be honest, the first thing I associated with turning 27 was the 27 Club.  It's the age that Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, and Jim Morrison all died.  Now that I'm the same age I can only further emphasize that it feels way too young to have a conclusion.

I really am a lucky guy, with great friends and family, and I'm just so happy that I've been able to do so many things that I've wanted to do so far.  Like this photo from my first birthday suggests, every year brings new surprises.

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