Jan 24, 2011

Year in Gear

With everything seemingly in place as 2010 faded out, it was disappointing, but not altogether surprising that things didn't quite go the way they should of this month.  

Trying to shake my winter apathy I had everything wrapping up around Christmas to welcome January with open arms and a fresh start.  But, a day into 2011 and it already looked like the edits I was working on weren't ready to leave my desktop yet.  Christmas bills pending I was feeling good knowing that these edits would cover my holiday expenditures in full - that was until the heat on my car started to go.  

Snow piling up, complications with translations for the corporate edits, and delays with my full-time media work began taking their toll early.  It's not just the number of things on the go, but the stagnation that the combination encourages.  It seems to go this way every year for me.  January shows a glimpse of promise, but then throws a wrench in my otherwise good luck for several straight weeks of continuous frustration.

The only reason I'm writing this now is to further convince myself that I might finally be in the clear.  A Chinook has rolled in and is finally starting to ease the winter conditions, my corporate edits are all away and just awaiting a final thumbs up, and after taking the opportunity to get some preventive maintenance done, I should have my beloved Jaguar back in a couple of days.

It just goes to show that no matter how organized you are - and for an editor I believe I am - there really are never a shortage of variables waiting to test and challenge just how prepared you really are.  As the stress begins to melt now I'm finally remembering what I was thinking several weeks ago.  

What should I do with my 2011?  I think perhaps it's finally time that I start working on a new video project for myself. 

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