Jan 13, 2011

Inspired Singles: I'm Running

Issue 15: I'm Running by Misstress Barbara (feat. Sam Roberts)

This track has been a regular favorite for the last year, and usually ends up in various playlists that I like to listen to while driving.  An enthusiastic beat accompanies forward thinking lyrics - it's tough to listen to it and not think about moving. 

Sam Roberts has been a favorite of mine since I was first introduced to his music back in high school.  I've seen him in concert a couple of times, and actually met him in person once when a couple of friends and I were hanging out at the Arts Centre in Regina.  His presence here is why I discovered the track in the first place and then came to explore the electronic musings of Misstress Barbara.

I always like learning about new Canadian artists as it makes me feel more connected to what's going on in my own backyard.  Check out the music video to see this duo run around Toronto.


Angry Charlie said...

This is how I would imagine a music video like yours to look, especially when it comes to the colors they use at certain points - they look a lot like your split screen car wash vids. There's actually a lot of shots in here that look like stuff you've done.

Editing Luke said...

I can see that. The colors for sure and old brick building shots do seem reminiscent of some of my past edits.