Jan 25, 2011

Film Student Blog

The idea of having a film journal in my classes was something that I always disliked.  I didn't see the value in writing all of my thoughts down for someone else to read - but of course, opinions tend to change when you feel like you're discovering a method for yourself. Here we are.

I can't say this is really a film student blog anymore.  I'm no longer a film student and the content has grown from classroom complaints to general inspiration with a sampling of video and photography to match.  I'm not sure the film student version of myself was all that different from who I am now.  The worry about finding work has simply subsided for the time being.  

I often wonder what this space would look like had I started sooner in my film school career.  By the time Editing Luke came around in 2007 I was already on the down swing, looking for an escape strategy.  I'd like to think my musings have helped a few people over the years, but ultimately I think I was helping myself.  That's the key to a film student blog.

To be creative, visual, and organized is a tall order to fill on a regular basis.  What I've taught myself through blogging is how to express my thoughts and walk myself through a long term process.  The journal gives meaning and context to a journey that I'm not always aware I'm on, but even after the daily plot points have passed, here is a reference.  

A film student blog is not just about cameras, classes, your favorite movies or your peers, it's about learning how to tell your story.  The story doesn't simply end after university though.  The definition evolves as the space and content does.  That history is now a foundation for a whole new view of media, editing, and the world as I see it.  

There are so many new ways to share the things floating around in our heads.  Find the story in them, and film student or not, you've got some fuel to create.


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