Jan 12, 2011

Departures on OLN

It's one of my favorite shows on TV.  Departures on OLN (the Outdoor Life Network) is not just another travel show - it's a dramatic, poetic, and visual exploration of incredible landscapes, textures, and experiences. 

We follow Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, along with the very talented cameraman/DP Andre Dupuis as the three end up in some of the most remote, epic, and profound locations on the planet.  What I love about these three guys is that they find the right balance of making you feel like you're there experiencing the destination with them for the first time, while still providing a context for why the area is significant.  It's personal without being cryptic and broad without being stereotypical.  

The videography and subsequent editing is amazing.  A modern blend of stylized slow-motion and sweeping steady-cam shots are a noticeable trademark of the show.  Departures does exactly what the title suggests.  For a half hour it's one of the easiest escapes you can get.

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