Jul 12, 2010

Vanguard on Current

It's refreshing to find a news journalism program that isn't just fueled by flashy effects or hype. Instead, Vanguard on Current is a show that allows its correspondents to tell a story and get you interested in the bigger picture. In my opinion, they successfully balance informative commentary and entertainment without feeling the need to dumb-down the argument or take their subject matter too lightly.

Their guerrilla documentary style approach also makes it feel more personal. I love how the correspondents actually get involved with their subjects, whether traveling to unique locations or spending a day in their life, you feel like those involved have actually invested a lot in getting to understand why people are saying and/or doing the things they are.

Current TV has become an online staple for me in the last year with shows like Infomania, Rotten Tomatoes, and now Vanguard. In its 4th season already there is plenty of material and full seasons of episodes to watch online. For those interested in everything from the recession to pirates to robots and even a bus trip across America - Vanguard is worth checking out. I've posted a few of my favorite episodes below, for more click here.

Lost Vegas: Vanguard

The Great American Detour: Vanguard

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