Jul 14, 2010

Being Published

Yesterday I received an email from a publishing company in Singapore that had seen my blog and the posts I wrote following my trip to Singapore in April this year. They contacted me specifically about the short entry I wrote as an introduction to my Universal Studios Singapore video and asked if they could have permission to publish it in the second volume of their English Empowers Learner's textbook for Singapore schools (primary and secondary).

At first I was taken back and had to go check out the entry again. It's not even that long at only 350 words, but now I think it makes sense why they chose it. Obviously the fact that I'm talking about Singapore and the brand new theme park that just opened this year is the biggest feature, but also the way I'm talking about where we're going, what we're doing, and the fact that I used a lot of descriptive words and comparisons actually makes it fairly pertinent for someone learning the language - go figure!

In any case, I gave my permission for them to freely use the entry and will be credited for it. It's one of those little things that's worth it just for the story. I like the idea that kids in Singapore could be reading aloud about my afternoon spent at Universal Studios in one over 15,000 textbooks. I never would've imagined it.

Here is the original entry being published. My Universal Studios Singapore video is below.


Angry Charlie said...

This is a really cool thing, Luke. You get to do what you love AND without even trying you're helping to create a better world for the children.

You know things are going good when that happens, lol.

But in all seriousness this has definitely got to be one of the many perks of keeping up such a well maintained blog and getting your name out there.

It's also a prime example of good things happening by accident. Well done!

Anonymous said...

It's really quite amazing to think that our day off to Universal Studios will be documented for young Singaporean English students to study and recite. It would be entertaining to be in a class lecture to hear the discussion and interpretation of your post. Would the students have to write a report about why we were there, who we are, and what is with the devil horns, etc?

For the next edition of the textbook you may have to produce a Universal Studios Singapore Pt 2 with a behind the scenes...

Congrats Luke.

Jackie said...

Congrats, quite an achievement :)

Yes, it is these things that make blogging worthwhile. I remember, even though it was just a tiny acknowledgement, when Reuters published a post of mine I couldn't be more excited than if I had published a book LOL.

Editing Luke said...

Thanks guys! It is a pretty random piece of good news - makes me think of a community chest card in Monopoly :)