Jul 22, 2010

Art School Confidential Critiques

In the movie, Art School Confidential an art major goes through the typical post-secondary creative experience as he tries to find himself . . . yadda, yadda . . . the movie was ok. The few things that actually made the film memorable (in my opinion) were the spot-on critique scenes. This round table or review process can also sum up every film production class I took in film school, which should come as no surprise as to why I'm sharing it.

The mix of perspectives and lifestyles really brings out an array of comments in any creative forum, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that no one wants to seem ordinary. We all model ourselves after our idols and talk about our work like we already have all the answers - thus is the ego trip and bubble that surrounds most art classrooms I imagine.

These two scenes from Art School Confidential are easy to appreciate if you've ever been in this situation yourself, but essentially all of us can attest to being confused by various displays that are presented as 'high art'. What starts out as post-secondary banter only becomes increasingly perplexing as money and actual status come into play. The point of the matter is that the process is usually quite eye-opening and funny.

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