May 8, 2010

The 500th Post

Here I am nearly 3 years into an online project titled Editing Luke, now writing my 500th post. While the anniversary celebrating will have to wait until the end of this month when this site officially turns 3, I'll use this milestone as an excuse to list 50 reasons (one for every 10 posts) why it's been so important to me to keep Editing Luke alive - effectively, 50 reasons why I blog.

  1. You never know who could be reading/watching.
  2. It's helped me create more of a name for myself.
  3. It makes my work relatable.
  4. It makes my work easy to identify.
  5. Writing my thoughts keeps me motivated.
  6. My entries have become time capsules.
  7. It stimulates creative feedback.
  8. It looks great to potential employers.
  9. It looks great to other artists.
  10. It gives my videos a one of a kind showcase.
  11. I've been able to map my growth.
  12. It contextualizes my film experiences.
  13. It's helped me get work.
  14. It's been essential for promoting my videos.
  15. It's been essential for campaigning during festivals.
  16. It makes me want to share more.
  17. It's inspired me to find other like-minded filmmakers.
  18. It makes me more observant.
  19. It's made me a stronger graphic designer.
  20. It's a place to vent.
  21. It helped me transition out of film school.
  22. It shows how serious I am about what I do.
  23. It's made me easier to find.
  24. It's given me creative discipline.
  25. It keeps me forward thinking.
  26. It's made my mistakes relevant lessons.
  27. It's amplified my successes.
  28. It gives me clout with other video-makers.
  29. It shows consistency and stability.
  30. It's allowed me to help other artists.
  31. It's allowed me to receive help.
  32. It connects me with complete strangers.
  33. It gets me honest reactions.
  34. It keeps my creative standards high.
  35. It's a reason to keep my work diverse.
  36. It keeps me organized.
  37. It's expanded my professional network.
  38. It keeps me engaged between projects.
  39. It keeps me competitive.
  40. It makes me a better writer.
  41. It makes me a better editor.
  42. It's an excuse to test my ideas.
  43. It gives me ownership of all my content.
  44. It helps me reflect.
  45. It makes me think about how I present myself.
  46. It makes me an example for others to follow.
  47. It makes me efficient.
  48. It allows me to reinvent myself regularly.
  49. As a filmmaker, it keeps me original.
  50. And above all, it's fun to do.


Angry Charlie said...

Well congratulations are in order, I believe. If not for making it to 500 posts in 3 years ( a post every 2 days!), than for making it to TOP 3 on Yobi! Both milestones never achieved for you before.

I am inspired by both this blog and yourself, and I have to say that when I haven't posted in a while, I always wonder how much hassle you're going to give me next time I talk to you. So for that, I say thank you.

This blog keeps on going, and that's a true testement of your ambition and your persistence. Even when times are slow for you I know I know I can still look forward to new material posted often. For me it means there is no reason I can't post every day either, new vids or not.

Well done! I will keep visiting and keep voting!

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Tyler. In a lot of the same ways, the fact that you haven't given up on your film ambitions gives me someone else to rely on too. Being able to relate to your online pursuits make this that much more entertaining.