May 31, 2010

3 Years of Editing Luke

Today I celebrate the third year since creating Editing Luke and beginning the process of uploading all of my edits and projects online - something I'm continuing to appreciate more and more as my portfolio grows.

Who knew it would come to this? Over 500 posts and growing, several original columns, over 150 edits uploaded, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of video views over several online venues, a comprehensive rehash of my film school and real world experience, and the motivation to still keep this project moving forward - so once again, who knew it would come to this? I'm not really sure that I thought this thing would have a life after film school. 

This site/blog has always been about channeling whatever creativity I felt I needed to release. It's continually evolving and changing just as my own perception of my projects does. However, what I really love about Editing Luke, and what I've become addicted to throughout the experience, is the feeling that I'm giving myself a sense of direction. Career wise and from a creative perspective, the goal of writing about my work or just sharing my thoughts has been therapeutic at the worst of times and a shot of adrenaline at the best.

What always surprises me about time is how 3 years can seem so quick and yet still so defining. This project has become a staple of my approach to film making, with promoting myself online and sharing my work, yet 3 years ago I was still in film school, still completely unsure of whether I was even going to find a related job, stressing about loans, etc. 

To have won 2nd place in the Yobi Film Competition just yesterday (after beating out 38 other filmmakers over a course of several months) only seems to further emphasize just how much of a transition has really been made. Not only have I overcome my fears from just several years ago, but I've taken more gratifying risks. In so many ways my post-university transition has faded away and here I am starting fresh again.

There's now been a history established here and many who never knew me before now at least know Editing Luke. I couldn't be more thankful for the support and feedback that I receive. I'm a creative guy and it's amazing to be able to share this scrapbook of media with anyone who is interested in taking a look. I think the best is yet to come.

Perhaps the real question isn't who knew it would come to this? Maybe it's who knew it would be this good? Thank you guys for helping to make it so.

Stats After 3 Years:
Blog Posts: 514
Blog Views: 85047
Video Views: 962173

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