Feb 7, 2010

Early Ideas: Portfolio Site Note

In the midst of developing my portfolio site there was a lot of additional work that went specifically into how I was going to promote it. At work I spent a lot of my breaks writing out descriptions and phrases that I thought would fit into a promotional video or as part of posts here. The portfolio site is now up and running (although I'm still tweaking a few pages) but I thought it would be interesting to share one of the rough notes I'd written about the site during its early stages.

I'm finding that a lot of my new approach is as much a lesson in marketing as it is about actually producing videos. No surprises there, but for those doing the same thing I thought I'd share some of my own thought process and rough ideas. And yes, a promo video for the new site is in the works. I'm finding I'm in competition with my previous achievements, using them as a marker for how I can one up myself. This mindset is clear in my note below and a lot of the promo stuff I share.


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