Nov 4, 2009

Time Crunch

When things are good, things are also busy. This year I've tackled a few personal projects, I've made some big revisions to this blog in how I showcase my old movies, and I've also been busy editing promo videos both independently and for the companies I work for. Usually there's been more free time to space some of these things out, but tonight I was in a creative meeting and it hit me just how busy the rest of my year is going to be.

My Indio Outio project is still being pieced together, I'm working full-time shooting promo photos for a website these days, and on top of this I'm still putting in extra hours as an editor for the corporate video company I've been with since I moved back to Medicine Hat. With so many random projects on the go my schedule has been filling up fast. It's both semi-stressful and fulfilling to find yourself in a position where you're actually in demand - where people are interested in how you do things and are hiring you for your specific creative contributions.

This year has been flying by and it's interesting to reflect on what's been going on without seeing the personal projects dominating my schedule. I've done a lot of work for other people and I suppose that's where things were meant to be going - it's what I talked about a lot as a film student. It's just a new learning experience to try and figure out how to balance everything and still feel like I'm continually challenge myself and moving forward. I have to admit that the confidence others have shown in me is a huge boost.

With a trip back to Regina (the city I went to University in) this weekend, I'm looking forward to the break, the visiting, and the sense that things really have improved since the year and half ago that I decided to branch out. Still doesn't give me any extra time though does it?

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