Nov 9, 2009

On Location: Scenes Around Regina

All of these photos feature locations where I shot various projects while in film school - recognize any? While I never really considered Regina, Saskatchewan to be all that diverse, looking back I've realized that you can make almost anywhere seem unique by what you bring to it. Check out a few of my past projects and their locations below.  

Wascana Park - A Chill in the Air (2006)
Golden Mile Parking Lot - Silent Shoppers (2005)

Abandoned Cinema 6 Drive-in - Buick to the Future 3 (2007)

Downtown Regina Alley - Homeless (2003)
Wascana Park - The Gizmo Tree (2007)
Geology Department U of R - The Geology Student (2006)
Campus Parking Lot - Buick to the Future (2007)
College West - Give it Time (2007)

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