Nov 24, 2009

Hold on 2009

Day job and social obligations aside, I've still got a lot to do before the end of 2009. I'm referring of course to my independent video projects. Yes, these are entirely personal pressures like completing Indio Outio, maybe even a final Chico Bandito episode, and getting my new site ready for January 1 - but given my state of mind these days, this checklist of projects feels more significant and essential than most have before.

The shift this year in my available time is notable more than ever because I've been so calculated in making sense of my transition through my final years in film school to this point - to making a living. The reality is that investing time in personal projects has started to come at a greater cost. It's largely what's fueling my shift to start 2010 with a new focus - less mini projects in exchange for a couple ambitious ones and a fresh and efficient online framework that allows me to stay connected without feeling the need to micro-manage my networks. You could even say that's what's started to happen this year, at least with the time being spent on Indio Outio, the completion of uploading and writing about my early work on Editing Luke, and an attempt at bringing new content/articles/columns to the table from like-minded writers/friends, etc.

I'm hoping to have another 2007 this 2010, meaning just a fresh sense of approach. I can already see parallels in that this blog kicked off that new chapter in '07, and the new site launching will do the same for 2010. On a personal front I'm trying to close the gap between video work as a hobby and as a professional showcase - I want these two things to blend, serve a dual purpose in fulfilling my creative whims and showcasing my individual skills (in many cases this is already true of my work, but the potential is there to grow). In my mind 2010 is going to symbolize the end of my post-uni transition and hopefully mark a fresh step up with a move to the city (to be determined) mid-year.

It's exciting, but I can't help but feel pressured by the things I've told myself I need to complete to make this feel like the fresh start it ought to be. At least the goal is clear and I still have the ability to productively challenge myself. I suppose the ticking clock is one of the best motivators - one month to go.

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