May 26, 2009

The Reel Skinny: Off Screen - Interview

Last night I was interviewed for TRS Presents: Off Screen by Patrick from The Reel Skinny, a blog and podcast about independent filmmaking, filmmakers, and movie reviews.

Patrick came across my blog and contacted me about discussing my own independent filmmaking experience just last week and offered me the chance to talk about one of my favourite subjects - myself. No, I'm kidding. The invitation was very flattering, and I'm happy to promote The Reel Skinny just as much as I'm happy to receive the promotion and consideration from them.

I touched on everything from university, to film festivals, my promotion online and this very blog. I rambled quite a bit, but if you can get over that it's worth a listen, haha.

Click below for the full interview:
TRS Presents: Off Screen #4 - Luke Fandrich

Also, you can listen to and download The Reel Skinny podcast, including my interview, for FREE on iTunes just by searching The Reel Skinny in the iTunes store.

Thanks again Patrick for the opportunity to talk to you.

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