May 4, 2009

Please Vote for Gizmo: Round 4

Folks, we're now halfway through the Filmmaking Contest semi-finals, and my movie, The Gizmo Tree has progressed from one of 30 films, to one of 15 films in the running for a grand prize of over $10,000 for best film. I'm now only 2 weekly rounds away from reaching the finals!

Thank you to all of you who have voted so far and helped me advance to the next round. I'd be lying if I didn't admit how exciting it is seeing my short advance yet again, and seeing it rise in popularity (now over 32,000 views). Take a moment to visit my
contest profile to watch my short, to vote again, or to vote for the first time - this videomaker would really appreciate it! Also, if you've let anyone else know about my short, pass on the good news and remind them to cast another vote.

To cast a vote for the Gizmo Tree:
1. Visit and use your email address to join the site.
2. Once logged in, simply visit my
Gizmo Tree Contest Profile.
3. Click the THUMBS UP under my movie. That's it!

Once again, you can watch my promo video for the Gizmo Tree below to see how all this started, for instructions on how to vote, and to help me promote my short in the Yobi Film Contest. Thanks for your effort everyone now please,

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